Organizing Creative Projects


Hightail, a feedback and project management tool for creative agencies and teams.

Role & Responsibilities

Along with another product designer David Louie, I was responsibile for conceptualizing and designing a solution for organizing creative projects (called Spaces) and improving wayfinding to these Spaces.

The Problem

Organization is needed for a creative team to find all related Spaces in a project, so that they can share all these Spaces with a client or another team.

The Customer

Maker, Manager, Stakeholder

Who knows best?

Testing & Prototyping


Framework for collections

Introducing Collections

Detailed write-up in progress.

The images below show the final designs for Space collections, a method for tagging, sorting, and sharing groups of Spaces.

Collections screen 1
Collections screen 2
Collections screen 3
Collections screen 4
Collections screen 5

Results & What’s Next