Hightail for Mobile


Hightail, a feedback and project management tool for creative agencies and teams.

Role & Responsibilities

Every product designer at Hightail designs across platforms to implement features we work on. These are a few highlights of features I’ve designed across our native iOS & Android apps.

iOS and Android screens

File-level Comments

While comments are mostly straightforward on desktop since there’s more real estate for an image and its corresponding comments to appear side-by-side, they’re a whole different beast on mobile.

Hightail’s comment framework on mobile requires users to digest comments thread-by-thread, focusing on each annotation one-by-one. While this has worked well for annotated comments, implementing file-level comments (not tied to an annotation) required extra finessing.

File-level comments for mobile 1 File-level comments for mobile 2 File-level comments for mobile 3 File-level comments for mobile 4 File-level comments for mobile 5

I also sketched, then built a few animations to prototype movement between annotated and file-level comments in a multipage document, which was one of the trickier cases our product has to accomodate.

File-level commenting sketch

The prototype on the left suggests a “cover sheet” view when viewing a file-level comment, while the one on the right zooms out, fitting multiple pages to the screen.

Prototype for file-level comments on multipage 1 Prototype for file-level comments on multipage 2


Search for mobile 1 Search for mobile 2 Search for mobile 3

Video & Audio on Mobile

Video playback for mobile 1 Video playback for mobile 2

Audio playback for mobile 1 Audio playback for mobile 2